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Personalization Using Identity Formatting Boosts Email Marketing Campaign ROI

Receiving an email that begins with “Hi there!” is friendly but obtuse, while an email that starts with “Hi Matt” is friendlier and accurate. And researchers at Stanford showed that correctly identifying the receiver by their name increases the probability of the recipient opening the email by 20% which coverts to an increase in sales leads by 31%.

Personalization Using Identity Formatting Boost Email Marketing Campaign ROISo identification, which is a subset of personalization, is a fantastic way to increase ROI for marketing campaigns. While there are hundreds of companies that provide personalization services, only Transformania focuses on the incredibly difficult but hugely rewarding task of identification and identity formatting. We accurately tell you the names of your users, clients, customers, and community members!

Think of it this way: personalization (through tracking of personal preferences) can tell a business that you love movies, which allows them to send you deals on films and movie-related opportunities. But identification is what allows that same company to send your email about movies with a customized salutation (“Dear Dr. Jones” or “Dear Sally”) that is always accurate. So they can personalize and correctly identify within the communications.

Using the correct identification salutation is important. Your internal CRM may only be able to send a message that begins with “Dear Dr. Jones” because your data may only contain information that the customer’s name is simply “Dr. Jones”. But Transformania knows and can provide the more correct salutation with the correct identity format of “Dear Sally” because Transformania’s patent-pending system can correctly format the identification of the customer as “Sally”. So when you send “Dear Sally” an email, Sally will be more prone to respond than sending it to “Dear Dr. Jones”, or worst just writing “Hi there!”.

What is the point of sending Dr. Sally Jones an amazing, personalized offer for a movie-and-dinner package if you undermine your call to action by misspelling her name, not including a name, or making the email too formal? Identity formatting is critical.

The challenges associated with identity formatting boil down to one word: precision. Whereas personalization needs to be accurate most of the time to be successful, identity formatting must be precise always to work effectively.

Performing at near 100% accuracy, Transformania’s patent-pending identity formatting tools tackle the challenges of identification in ways that go well beyond typical data scrubbing or cleansing. With over 50 checks of each data field, our game-changing software-as-service flags corrupted data, warns of potentially phony contacts, identifies incomplete fields, and so much more.

The benefits of knowing your contact data has passed the Transformania test include:

  • Strengthening data security and optimized regulatory compliance with GDPR and other regulations, including the newly implemented California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Reducing risks associated with increasing complex data inventories
  • Generating value through enhanced business intelligence and analytics of the customer, financial, and organizational information currently trapped in your system
  • Gaining system speed and efficiencies through increased automation, deepened data accuracy, and reinforced data management processes driven by extensive deduplication and field completeness checks.

According to Salesforce, 69% of companies are already targeting their audiences based on such identifiable CRM data as purchase transactions, postal addresses, and customer service information. And that number is only projected to rise in coming years. Transformania keeps your company ahead of the CRM curve by ensuring that you can reach out to your audience with precision, confidence, and the most reliable data available.

Although I often speak about Transformania’s value in terms of optimizing personalization in secure and accurate ways, the fact is that our service does much more than enhancing personalization and GDPR compliance. Transformania effectively tackles the more difficult challenges of data identification and identity formatting, a crucial but extremely difficult undertaking that few companies even attempt to provide.