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What’s in a Name? Personalization, Email Marketing, and Your CRM

Today’s business world is an extremely noisy place, with 24/7 news cycles, international market drivers shifting constantly, and email inboxes overflowing with questions, deadlines, and unwanted clutter. And into this noisy, cluttered world lands your email marketing campaign, managed by your CRM as it takes data from all available sources and puts it to work powering your carefully scripted promotional and transactional messages.

But with every increasing noise associated with doing business in today’s global market comes the need for more sophisticated and more subt

What’s in a Name? Personalization, Email Marketing, and Your CRM

le email marketing strategies. Gone are the days when clients were happy just being on your mailing list and receiving your product updates, inspired calls to action, and trigger messages. Getting prospective clients to engage with your emails is increasingly difficult. Getting them to understand fully the value of your product or service is an even bigger challenge still.

The Science of Personalization
The key word for this new world is simple but at times frustratingly complex: personalization (also known as noninformative advertising content). Marketing science makes overwhelmingly clear the impact of even the smallest adjustments to email personalization:

  • 20% increase in open rate by adding the name of the email recipient to the message subject
  • 600% increase in average transaction rates through personalized emails
  • 17% reduction in users unsubscribing from an email campaign using personalized subject lines
  • 122% median ROI from strategically personalized email marketing campaigns with six times higher transaction rates
  • 72% of e-marketing strategists say that strategic personalization increases customer engagement.

And when looking at email desirability scores, a pattern emerges: strategic personalization of email campaigns can significantly increase the perceived desirability of incoming emails.

And yet, 70% of brands continue to hesitate when it comes to using personalized emails despite the fact that 50% of these same companies  acknowledge openly that the practice could improve their email interactions with customers and subscribers.

These numbers tell only part of the tale, however, because personalization is only part of a long-term marketing campaign strategy. In fact, science shows that over-personalization or badly executed personalization (like a name spelled incorrectly) can actually have a negative impact on the effectiveness of an email campaign.  And over 30% of people report that they see over-personalized emails as an explicit invasion of privacy.

The Power of Transformania
A complex world, indeed, but again the message is quite clear: what data you choose to personalize and how you choose to personalize it is a crucial question to ask when triggering that out-of-the-box CRM feature for your next major campaign.

At Transformania, we understand the complex dynamics of CRM-based email personalization and we also know three important facts:

Fact #1: Personalized emails stand out from the noise of cluttered inboxes as highly relevant information curated for a receiver’s unique needs.

Fact #2: Personalized emails translate to a significant improvement in unique open rates and in converting information to transaction (which is the goal of any email campaign).

Fact #3: Personalized emails strengthen both brand reputation and customer experience (CX) by sending the right content to the right user at the right time.

Transformania’s patent pending DearMe™ features deliver the benefits of email personalization by performing the following magic tricks:

  • Correctly capitalizing each word in the name (including names that other software chokes on, such as “McDonald”, “LaToya”, and “de la Cruz”)
  • Adding prefixes based on several factors including presumed gender based on first name (e.g. “Mr.” or “Ms.”) or professional suffix (e.g. creating the prefix “Dr.” if the suffix is “PhD”, “MD”, etc.)
  • Creating a casual salutation based on a nickname embedded in the full name (e.g. Robert “Bobby” A. Smith)

One of Transformania’s most powerful and unique personalization features creates casual salutations by identifying and extracting nicknames from email addresses. For example, if Allison Cooper’s email address is [email protected], Transformania will recognize that “Allie” is a less formal variation of the name “Allison” and will create the casual salutation “Allie.” Therefore, your email can start with “Hey Allie!” rather than “Hey Allison!” and, thus, look more personal.

Accuracy that Redefines your CRM
Transformania will redefine how you think about and use your CRM. Creating the most effective personalized emails possible is now a reality, allowing you to achieve the highest level of customer engagement possible and boosting revenue through enhanced customer experience, strategic segmentation of our mailing list, and the agility to respond to every new opportunity to stand out from the noise and make an impression that lasts. The result: fewer bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports; more opens, clicks, and conversions.