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Your CRM’s Dirty Secret: The Truth About Data And Email Marketing

Did you know that there’s a dirty secret lurking deep inside your CRMs that inhibits your ability to have the most effective email campaign? That’s right, we’re talking about dirty data. Your CRM has it. Your competitor’s CRM has it. It’s impossible to get around and it can destroy your marketing campaigns.

Dirty Data And Your CRM

Thanks to the exponential nature of technology, CRMs have dramatically proliferated over the last 10 or so years. With all of that growth and evolution in this space, there’s a new CRM platform popping up seemingly every week. There’s a host of choices in CRM platforms now, creating a healthy market competition, giving CRM managers and email marketers the ability to choose the ones that work best for their enterprise.

Tech startups of all shapes and sizes promising software that provides “all-in-one solutions” for database management or platforms espousing “more leads and happier clients” have taken off like wildfire. With that said, there’s no doubt that marketing teams have been able to improve email marketing in this digital age of multiple CRMs and they truly are invaluable and amazing tools in the email marketer’s arsenal.

But, unfortunately, these platforms, regardless of how “game-changing” they are, simply fail to solve the endemic problem that marketing teams around the globe have to deal with on a daily basis – the problem of dirty data. People change jobs, they move, they get married, change the name on their email and so on. You could have a great marketing campaign but having poor quality contact data in your CRM can absolutely ruin it.

Here’s what most people don’t consider: your CRM is more like a revolving door of data rather than a static, rock-solid source of truth. And there’s the rub. That data that goes uncleaned from your CRM costs you valuable time and dramatically affects your bottom line.

Sure, you can leave that dirty data lying in the back corner hamper on the cloud somewhere, but like dirty laundry, dirty data will eventually catch up with you. You have to fight back against it. Missing out on potential sales because you didn’t know “Susan” from your prospect list just got married and changed her last name when you sent out an email to her with the wrong username is an unnecessary and costly mistake. Outdated contact information, duplicate contacts, bad email addresses, typos and awkward formatting, and a lack of personalization all collectively net poor email marketing results like unsubscribes, fewer opens and clicks – and missed opportunities.

You Can Have The Right Sales Pitch But The Wrong Contact

You might have the greatest product or service in the world but what happens when that carefully crafted email bounces? Your email open and click rates suffer. Your engagement suffers. Your sales suffer. That masterful pitch you crafted fell dead in the water.

So who or what can solve this dilemma of bad contact records, old contact information and keep a running tally of these constant changes in your CRM data?

How To Improve Email Open Rates And Email Click-Through Rates With CRM Cleanup

How do you get rid of this bad data? Better yet, how do you improve open rates, email click-through rates, and boost your productivity and ROI? It starts with CRM data cleaning. Cleaning up CRM data is not such a simple task, however. The old-school way was to manually go line by line through your database to do a thorough CRM data cleansing. But that takes way too long in this day and age, plus it wastes your high-value team members’ time to do a low-level time-consuming task. There’s a much more efficient and effective way to get your CRM data cleaned.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have advanced significantly and they have become much easier to implement. They’re also very user-friendly now – you don’t need a computer science degree to run these programs anymore.

Systems that employ AI and NLP enable you to free up the manpower you would normally need to perform a CRM cleanup. Now, instead of wasting time on these CRM data cleanings, you can employ this technology to get your deliverability rates up, improve your email open rates, get more clicks with your email campaigns and you can even implement better personalization, all of which naturally lead to more conversions and sales. And this accomplished with a mere click of the button – with the right platform, of course.

Improving Your Email Marketing Just Got Easier

To improve your email marketing, CRM data cleaning should not only be the first step, but it should be an utmost priority. With Transformania, you can boost the productivity and ROI of any customer relationship management system with our patent-pending AI and NLP-driven platform that cleans your CRM for good. Whatever CRM you use, whether it’s Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, MailChimp and more, Transformania dramatically improves the accuracy and quality of contact data is always maintained in any CRM or email platform with:

• Enhanced contact list accuracy
• Continuous updating of contacts
• Ability to create accurate email personalization at scale
• The opportunity for more email opens, clicks and conversions and fewer bounces, unsubscribes and spam/abuse complaints

Simply put, Transformania continually ensures that every contact’s record is clean, complete, accurate, and personalized so you can boost your engagement and drive more sales.