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Transformania CRM Data Quality Solution Launches Early Adopters Program for CRM Users and Consultants

Venture funded startup uses patent pending NLP technology, automated web monitoring, and human analysis to clean and flag, format, personalize and enrich, and continuously update contacts stored in any CRM

CRM data quality solution startup Transformania, Inc. today announced the launch of its Early Adopters beta program for corporate marketing and IT departments, and outside CRM consultants. Transformania bills its product as “the first 24/7 CRM data quality solution for any CRM.”

“After more than two years in development, Transformania is here. The feedback we’re receiving from our early adopters is exactly what we hoped for, and their suggestions are proving to be invaluable in shaping the continuing evolution of our product,” said Matthew Siegal, President and CEO of Transformania.

In appreciation of their participation in the Early Adopters program, corporate end users receive a lifetime 50% discount on the annual subscription price and an opportunity to suggest new features for “fast track” consideration and implementation.

For CRM consultants who participate in the program, Transformania has created a free diagnostic service that identifies dozens of common problems found in nearly every CRM and email marketing list. Anyone who wants to assess the health of their clients’ contact data can run the analysis and provide the results to their clients at no cost. CRM HealthCheck is intended to help consultants win new clients and better assist current ones with their data quality issues.

CRM HealthCheck