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CRM HealthCheck

CRM HealthCheck will generate a report identifying many kinds of CRM problems:

Under-utilisation of the system

There’s a good chance you’re not. Statistics tell us that almost half (43%) of CRM users take advantage of less than half of the features their software has to offer. But why?

Out-of-date information

CRM does a lot. Capturing leads via your websites and social media channels, feeding these to your sales team, and managing all that customer data from a central location? Yep, it’s a lot.

Security issues

This common CRM problem can be expressed in a single question… “How do I keep my data safe?” The answer? Well, that depends…

Choosing the wrong software

So, you’ve picked the wrong system. Why fret? It happens. Whether it’s getting sucked in by the siren song of a good deal, or caving to high-pressure sales tactics, many business owners end up saddled with a CRM that’s simply not right for them.

Privacy and ethical issues in CRM

G, D, P, R. By themselves, four harmless letters. But when combined, they stand for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – game-changing legislation introduced only a couple of years ago.

Low employee engagement

Fred is of course an archetype, but there are plenty like him – employees who, for whatever reason, refuse to engage with new ways of doing things.


CRM HealthCheck is a do-it-yourself, web-based service that’s as easy as

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Import the contacts you want to analyze from CSV file (or, if you use Hubspot, you can simply select one or more of your Hubspot lists from a menu)

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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CRM HealthCheck



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