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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we verify all your email addresses to let you know if they will bounce, if they are suspect, or if they are clean!

Transformania securely connects with your HubSpot account using OAuth 2.0. Check this quick video that details the easy way you can connect and transform your data in HubSpot using Transformania.

Transformania delivers results to you in seconds! After you connect your HubSpot account or upload your CSV file, we process your data super fast. Your results are then visible in your control panel and look like this:

Download CSV files

You can then download the CSV file and upload the clean data back into your own CRM system!

Security and privacy are keep components of the work we do. First, when you connect your HubSpot account to our platform, you only share what you want to share. Second, we automatically remove and permanently delete all your data one year after we give you the results — no exceptions. Finally, in your Settings you have immediate control of your data. If you wish to permanently delete your data before the year arrives, you can do that quickly and easily.

Delete Data

Please remember that all data deletions are irreversible and even Transformania can not retrieve your deleted data. We do not remove your invoice and purchase information, as that is important for legal and accounting reasons.

Getting clean CRM data is simple and easy. Once you’ve logged in, you select to either securely connect to your HubSpot account, or you can upload a CSV file from any other CRM:

Demo 1


Then Transformania processes your data and delivers you great analytics to showcase both your good and bad data:

Demo 2


Finally, you can download the final results in a CSV file so you can select what refreshed, clean and formatted data to upload into your CRM!

Demo 3

You have up to one whole year to use the credits you purchase! That’s a long time, we know, and the great news is you can add more credits at any time and increase the total time for the expiration of your credits!

All prices can be found here. You purchase credits, which are good for a one-year subscription, and then you use those credits to clean and format your CRM data. You can always add more credits to extend your subscription too!

One (1) credit allows you to clean one CRM record. So if you have 35,000 records in your CRM, you need 35,000 credits to clean and format all your data!

While we adhere to GDPR principles, all our servers and data are currently located in the United States. Therefore, we are not yet fully GDPR compliant if you worry about data sovereignty and where your data will reside. We are currently looking at placing services inside the EU, and when that happens, we will let you know!

That said, we have some fantastic GDPR-related features already built into our platform. For example, you can completely delete and erase all your processed data in the Transformania platform whenever you desire. Plus we adhere to a strict encryption regime for all data at rest and in transit within our systems and platform.

When we deliver you the finished, cleaned data, we include a couple columns of “Proc Codes” or processing codes and messages to let you know what transformations were made on each record in your CRM database.

For example, if you see the code E300, that means the record contains an “Invalid Email”. Or if you see an N111 code, that means “Prefix extracted”, so maybe the original first name had “Dr. Jill” and we correctly identified that “Dr.” should be removed and placed in its own “prefix” column.

Here are the current processing codes we use (as of March 12, 2022):

Code Description
A100 Corrected ZIP Code
A105 Fixed city/state spelling
A110 Used company data
A115 Cardinal rule match
A120 Changed address component
A125 Fixed street spelling
A130 Fixed abbreviations
A135 Unique ZIP match
A140 Unofficial post office name
A145 Unique ZIP Code
A150 Military match
A200 Missing secondary number
A205 Insufficient/ incorrect address data
A210 Dual address
A215 Flagged address for LACSLink
A220 Flagged address for LACSLink
A225 Multiple ZIP+4, lowest used
A230 Better address exists
A235 No match, EWS: Match soon
A240 Bad secondary address
A245 Multiple response due to magnet street syndrome
A250 Unverifiable city / state
A255 Matched with ZIPMOVE
A300 Invalid city/state/ZIP
A305 No ZIP+4 assigned
A310 Same ZIP for multiple records
A315 Address not found
A320 Invalid delivery address
A399 Empty address data
E110 Email format corrected
E115 Multiple email addresses extracted
E120 Email appears deliverable
E125 Email status undetermined
E204 Suspicious email word
E207 Unknown/unusual TLD
E210 Email appears undeliverable
E215 Email appears role-based
E300 Invalid email
E305 Forbidden email word
N100 Full name split
N103 Organization converted to person
N104 Last/First syntax reversed
N110 Prefix created
N111 Prefix extracted
N120 Suffix extracted
N130 Nickname extracted
N135 Maiden name extracted
N140 Pre-married name extracted
N141 Phone extracted
N142 Email extracted
N143 Job title extracted
N150 Formal Dear created
N160 Informal Dear created
N165 Double-barrel name created
N170 Name formatted
N172 Duplicate word stripped
N173 Unknown suffix stripped
N175 Extraneous text stripped
N176 Leading/trailing character stripped
N190 Informal Dear created for contact with no name
N200 Possible name error
N201 Initials only
N207 Suspicious name word
N208 Duplicate name word
N210 Possible name/email mismatch
N300 Name invalid
N301 Name incomplete
N302 Forbidden name word
N309 Not a person
N310 Multiple people

One credit equals one record. So if your list has 2500 records, or 2500 rows of data, then that means you need 2500 credits. After you login, you can purchase credits.

And if each of your contact records has multiple fields of data — for example, you collect each person’s email address, mailing address, name, and other data — you only need one credit for each contact record, regardless of the number of data fields you collect. So if you only have a name for a contact, it “costs” you the same to process that record as if you have the name, email, and mailing address. So the more data you process, the bigger bang for your buck!

Each credit will allow you to format the name of the record, check if the email will bounce, and format and polish the mailing address. If you only have a name for the record, that’s OK and we will only clean and process the name. But if you have also an email address, then we can check if the email will bounce. The more data you provide, the greater return on your investment you will receive!

While we can process email addresses from anywhere in the world, currently we focus on postal mailing addresses only in the United States. So if you have a mailing address form another country, we may provide some light touches to it, but we will not be able to fully format and fix the addresses. This will change soon, though, and we have more countries on our roadmap!

For American mailing addresses, we add the congressional districts, we standardize the street names, we add the complete zip code, and a whole lot more!

All of them! If you use HubSpot, you can directly connect to Transformania. Otherwise, you can export your data from any CRM and import it into Transformania.

You can upload your list as a CSV file.

Transformania dramatically improves the quality of your CRM contacts the moment you start using it. Typos, duplicates, stale contacts, and incomplete records are identified, then cleaned, enriched and updated. The result? An immediate boost to marketing campaign performance and contact engagement.