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For more than a year, you’ve been hearing rumors about this thing they’re creating called “Transformania” that’s supposed to improve email marketing results and ROI. Well, the rumors are true, and now it’s show time.

Transformania is web-based “software as-a-service” that continuously monitors, cleans, personalizes, and updates your CRM in order to boost the performance of your email marketing campaigns. We’ll be releasing it for everyone this Fall, but first we’re launching a three-month beta program for a limited number (50 to be exact) of enthusiastic early adopters.


As a Transformania beta user, you’ll receive unique benefits:
  • A big discount on your Transformania subscription—today and forever
  • A free, automatic upgrade to our highest level of service whenever we add new features (which we’ll be doing continuously throughout the beta period)
  • A permanent opportunity to influence the evolution of the product, including a fast-track path for your feature suggestions


  • You must use Hubspot as your CRM (soon, we’ll expand access to users of most other CRM platforms)
  • You must have a minimum of 25,000 marketing contacts in your Hubspot CRM
  • You must be an active email marketer that typically sends to at least 100,000 email addresses each month

Sign up below, or call Danny Levinson at 888-626-4208 if you have questions about the Transformania Beta Program.

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