The 24/7 Data Quality Solution for Any CRM


Transformania software products maintain CRM health by cleaning, personalizing, updating, and enriching your contacts no matter which CRMs and email campaign services you use. By ensuring the quality of your marketing lists, Transformania boosts email campaign performance and marketing ROI the moment you start using it.

CRM HealthCheck by Transformania

Performs a free, comprehensive data quality assessment of your CRM and marketing lists

Successful email marketing campaigns begin with clean marketing lists.

CRM HealthCheck is a free service that identifies many of the common problems found in all marketing databases, including duplicates, typos, improper formatting, incomplete data, prank/spam contacts, and much more.

At no cost, the CRM HealthCheck Report provides a detailed analysis of your CRM, including counts of contacts that have any of more than two dozen problems.

Recommended for any organization that wants to identify problem data that can reduce the effectiveness of their  marketing campaigns.

CRM HealthCheck Report
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Transformania Essentials

Instantly boosts email campaign performance and ROI by cleaning, personalizing, and de-duplicating your Excel, Outlook, or CRM marketing lists

Simply upload your marketing list in CSV file format, or connect your CRM. Instantly, Transformania’s patent-pending technology begins cleaning, splitting, formatting, personalizing, and deduplicating it. Next, watch your email marketing campaign results soar. It’s that simple.

Recommended for organizations with up to 50,000 marketing contacts that are stored in Excel, Outlook, or a single CRM platform such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zoho.

Transformania Professional

Continuously monitors the health of your CRM and ensures that every contact is optimized for maximum email campaign performance and ROI

Your leads and customers come from many channels (web forms, social media, call centers, email, affiliates, and others). Regardless of your contact sources, Transformania Professional acts as your CRM’s “bouncer” by ensuring that every contact looks its best before it enters your marketing list. Duplicates in the same list are identified and merged. Typos, improper capitalization and formatting, and incorrect name splitting are detected and corrected; formal and casual salutations (i.e. personalization) are added; prank names and spam/decoy records are flagged; email addresses are validated; and extraneous data that’s embedded in names (nick names, maiden names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, etc.) are extracted.

Recommended for organizations whose marketing contacts are maintained in one CRM platform such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, etc. and therefore don’t require multi-platform SSoT “match and merge” de-duplication.

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Transformania Enterprise

A customizable data quality and personalization platform that ensures a clean, accurate CRM for maximum marketing ROI

In addition to all of the Professional edition features, Enterprise adds multi-platform matching and de-duplication with advanced “single source of truth” (SSoT) technology. It also provides additional customization capabilities.

Recommended for organizations whose marketing contacts are maintained in more than one CRM platform and that require multi-platform SSoT “match and merge” de-duplication.