How Does Transformania Work?

Welcome to Transformania! Dealing with bad data is a pain and costs you lots of money to maintain, so we’re here to help clean your contact data so you can concentrate on making sales and engaging with your customers and users.

how does transformania workHow does Transformania work its magic? Quite simply, you give us your dirty data, which you export from your CRM system or your spreadsheet program, and then you pass it through our secure engine. We then send it back to you — data cleansing work that used to take days or weeks is now done in minutes!

And more importantly, we flag your bad data and show you why some of your data is bad. We also format that data and enrich it. So your email marketing, customer engagement, and direct mails get much better response rates!

Transformania’s features can be accessed in two ways:

  1. by uploading your contacts in an Excel file using the “Do-It-Yourself” web site software or;
  2. by submitting your contacts in real time from your CRM software via the Transformania API.