What Do My Clean Results Look Like?

Once you click the Buy Now button and enter your payment information, Transformania will process all of the contacts in your list. A list may contain up to 100,000 contacts and, if your list is larger, it may take a few hours to process. You do not need to stay on the Transformania website while your list is being processed. When processing is finished and your transformed list is ready to download, you will receive an email containing a download link. As soon as you download the results, Transformania will permanently delete your data from the system.

spreadsheetYou will download your much improved in the same format as your source list (that is, in an Excel spreadsheet). The results file contains two tabs labeled Results Only and Comparison. As the name suggests, the Results Only tab contains your transformed data. The Comparison tab contains a side-by-side comparison of your original and transformed data. Both tabs contain an explanation of what changes Transformania made to each contact’s data.

Before using your transformed list, we recommend that you carefully review it, paying special attention to the last thirteen columns (columns AY through BK). They may contain warnings about particular contacts that you should consider before using those contacts.



Full Name (Example: Dr. Robert J. Smith III)

A contact’s prefix, first name, middle name, last name, and suffix. Nicknames are not included.


Prefix (Example: Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.)

A contact’s prefix. If empty, Transformania was not able to determine a prefix based on the contact’s presumed gender, profession, or education.


Suffix (Example: Jr, III, Esquire, etc.)

A contact’s suffix(es). No comma is inserted between the last name and the first suffix. If a contact has multiple suffixes, Transformania separates them with comma. If empty, Transformania was not able to determine a suffix based on the contact’s name or profession.


First Name (Example: Robert)

A contact’s first name or given name.


Middle Name (Example: J.)

A contact’s middle name or initial(s).


Last Name (Example: Smith)

A contact’s last name or surname.


Email (Example: drbob@aol.com)

A contact’s email address.


Nickname (Example: Shorty)

A contact’s nickname. As an example, if a contact’s Source Full Name was Robert J. “Shorty” Smith III, Transformania would identify “Shorty” as a nickname.


Formal Dear (Example: Dr. Smith)

The Prefix plus the Last Name.


Casual Dear (Example: Bob)

This is one of Transformania’s patent-pending DearMe™ features. As an example, if the contact’s first name is Robert but his email address contains a name that Transformania identifies as a less formal alias of that name (such as “Bob”), it will insert “Bob” in the Casual Dear column.


Job Title (Example: Chief Medical Officer)

A contact’s job title. If a contact’s job title is included in the Source Full Name column, Transformania will extract it from that column and insert it in the Job Title column.


Organization (Example: Nike, Inc.)

A contact’s company. If a Source Organization is provided, Transformania will correct any formatting errors. If a Source Organization is not provided but a Source Email is provided, Transformania will attempt to determine the organization based on the email domain.


Full Address (Example: 123 Main Street, Miami, FL 33155)

A contact’s street address, city, state, and ZIP code.


Address 1 (Example: 123 Main Street)

A contact’s street address.


Address 2

If the Source Address 2 column contains data, Transformania inserts it in this column. Otherwise, this column is not used.


City (Example: Miami)

A contact’s city.


State (Example: FL or Florida)

A contact’s state.


ZIP5 (Example: 33155)

A contact’s five-digit ZIP code in the United States.


ZIP9 (Example: 33155-0189)

A contact’s nine-digit (ZIP+4) ZIP code.


Phone (Example: 391-800-1987)

A contact’s Phone in 999-999-9999 format.


Distance Full Address (Example: 123 Main Street, Miami, FL 33155)

The address between which Transformania will calculate the distance and driving time between the contact’s address in the Source Full Address column.


Miles From (Example: 24)

The number of miles between the contact’s address and the Distance Full Address.


Km From (Example: 24)

The number of kilometers between the contact’s address and the Distance Full Address.


Driving Minutes (Example: 24)

The estimated number of driving minutes between the contact’s address and the Distance Full Address.


Congressional District (Example: FL-04)

The contact’s U.S. Congressional District.


County (Example: Montgomery)

The contact’s county name.


County FIPS (Example: 57156)

The Federal Information Processing Standards code for the contact’s county.


USPS Barcode (Example: 328037401994)

The United States Postal Service “intelligent mail bar code” for the contact’s address. The Intelligent Mail barcode consists of a 20-digit tracking code (Barcode Identifier, Service Type Identifier, Mailer Identifier, and Serial Number) and a Routing Code (ZIP Code™) field of up to 11 digits.


Daylight Savings Time (Example: YES)

Whether or not the contact’s address is subject to DST (yes or no).


Time Zone (Example: Mountain)

The time zone in which the contact’s address is located.


UTC Offset (Example: -5)

The contact’s time zone’s offset from the Coordinated Universal Time.


Latitude (Example: 28.54184)

The geographic latitude of the contact’s street address.


Longitude (Example: -81.3515)

The geographic longitude of the contact’s street address.