What Do The Processing Messages Mean?

Once you have received your results, you will see some “Processing Messages” and codes we add to each record. These are super useful for you to understand what type of transformation we did on each of your data records.

We tell you things like “Reversed LNFN syntax” if the source name had the Last Name (LN) before the First Name (FN). Or “Extracted possible maiden name” if we found the source name might have also had a pre-marriage name embedded within it. This gives you transparency on how Transformania’s engine generated your personalized results.


Here is a list of our current processing messages and codes:

N1041Formatted nameTransformania successfully formatted the name.
N1051Split & parsed nameTransformania successfully analyzed the name into its respective parts.
N1101Reversed LNFN syntaxThe name's source orginally had the Last Name before the First Name. Transformania deduced this and correctly moved the First Name in front of the Last Name.
N1111Fixed improper syntaxThis message means a word was in an incorrect spot, but we formatted it correctly for you. For example "Jane Smith, Mrs." where the "Mrs." is in the wrong location.
N1151Extracted phone from nameThere was a phone number embedded within the name field, so we removed that and placed it correctly in the phone field.
N1201Extracted email from nameThe email was embedded within the name field, so Transformania successfully dropped the email into the email field instead.
N1251Extracted website/domain from nameThe contact had a website domain embedded in the name field, so we placed that domain name instead in its own field.
N1301Extracted embedded nicknameUsing nicknames to personalize your communications is great, and we found a nickname for your copntact embedded within the data.
N1311Extracted nickname from emailUsing Transformania's patent-pending process, we were able to correctly identify the nickname for this contact based on data within the email address.
N1351Stripped extraneous charactersThere were some extra characters lodged within the names and we removed those for better formatting.
N1401Extracted possible maiden nameA pre-marriage maiden name is sometimes buried in the name. We successfully identified that and placed it in its own field.
N1411Created prefixWe were able to identify and provide a correct prefix for this contact's name.
N1421Created CasualDearBased on the data presented, Transformania successfully provided the casual version of this contact's name you can use in less formal communications.
N1431Created FormalDearTransformania provided a formal name for this contact based on the data provided so you can use this name in more formal communication.
N2052Unknown first nameTransformania has millions of datapoints at its fingertips, but we are unable to decipher this possible first name. You should manually go back and double-check if this is in fact a first name.
N2102Ambiguous LNFN syntax (results uncertain)Some names are unclear if the first name is in the last name spot or vice versa. Therefore we have flagged this uncertainty so you can manually double-cjheck the results.
N2152Ambiguous wordSome common words are also people's names. So when we see that, we flag it for you so you can be sure not to double-check the record.
N2202Partial nameTransformania believes this word could be a name, but we are not 100% certain because it looks like it is only partially written. So please go back to review and make any changes to this name.
N2252Stripped unidentified textTransformania could not make heads or tails of what this text meant, so we stripped it from the name.
N2302Extracted possible unknown suffixTransformania is excellent at identifying suffixes, but in this name we are unsure if this is truly a suffix. So please go back and review the results to confirm if this is correct or not.
N2312CasualDear is initials onlySome contacts have only initials as their casual saluation. There's usually nothing wrong with this, but we want to flag this for you to cdouble-check to make sure all is ok.
N2352Detected possible male maiden nameSome males also use pre-marriage names as part of their moniker. We believe we have identified a male maiden name, so please double-check to kake sure the results match your expectations.
N2362Possible gender and prefix/suffix mismatchBased on the name data, we think there may be a mismatch between the gender of the person and the prefix or suffix provided. Please go and review to make sure.
N2372Unable to create FormalDearBecause we are uncertain about various name information, we are unable to create a FormalDear for this name.
N2382Unable to create CasualDearBecause we are uncertain about various name information, we are unable to create a CasualDear for this name.
N3053Empty nameWhere's the name? Other data is present for the contact, but no name was found.
N3063Incomplete nameThe name appears to not be fully formed. Please go back and review to make sure all is fine with this record.
N3103Invalid nameSeems the name is unstructured well and we are unable to dtermine the name.
N3113First name incompleteThe first name does not appear full formed. Please go back and review and make any necessary changes.
N3123Misplaced prefix/suffixThe prefix and/or suffix for this contact is located in an odd position. We want to flag this and notify you so you can very the results.
N3153Invalid charactersGobbldygook. We are unable to read this. It seems like invalid stuff.
N3203Truncated namePart of the name is mis….
N3253Multiple names not supported but coming soonThere is more than one name in the field. We will soon support this so we will be able to parse multiple names out for you.
N3303Naughty word$%^& or other swords not fit for human consumption were found.
N3353Extraneous textOther stuff in the anme was found. So we removed it.
N3403Can't crack this nutWe have no idea. We're smart. We're very smart. But you win.