Is Transformania GDPR Compliant?

While we adhere to GDPR principles, all our servers and data are currently located in the United States. Therefore, we are not yet fully GDPR compliant if you worry about data sovereignty and where your data will reside. We are currently looking at placing services inside the EU, and when that happens, we will let […]

What Kind Of Mailing Addresses Can I Fix And Format?

While we can process email addresses from anywhere in the world, currently we focus on postal mailing addresses only in the United States. So if you have a mailing address form another country, we may provide some light touches to it, but we will not be able to fully format and fix the addresses. This […]

What Is A Credit And How Do Credits Work?

One credit equals one record. So if your list has 2500 records, or 2500 rows of data, then that means you need 2500 credits. After you login, you can purchase credits. And if each of your contact records has multiple fields of data — for example, you collect each person’s email address, mailing address, name, […]

How Does Transformania Work?

Getting clean CRM data is simple and easy. Once you’ve logged in, you select to either securely connect to your HubSpot account, or you can upload a CSV file from any other CRM:   Then Transformania processes your data and delivers you great analytics to showcase both your good and bad data:   Finally, you […]

How Can I View My Clean Data Results?

Transformania delivers results to you in seconds! After you connect your HubSpot account or upload your CSV file, we process your data super fast. Your results are then visible in your control panel and look like this: You can then download the CSV file and upload the clean data back into your own CRM system!

Why Should I Use Transformania To Clean My CRM Data?

Transformania dramatically improves the quality of your CRM contacts the moment you start using it. Typos, duplicates, stale contacts, and incomplete records are identified, then cleaned, enriched and updated. The result? An immediate boost to marketing campaign performance and contact engagement.

What Do The Processing Codes Mean?

When we deliver you the finished, cleaned data, we include a couple columns of “Proc Codes” or processing codes and messages to let you know what transformations were made on each record in your CRM database. For example, if you see the code E300, that means the record contains an “Invalid Email”. Or if you […]

How Long Are My Unused Credits Good For?

You have up to one whole year to use the credits you purchase! That’s a long time, we know, and the great news is you can add more credits at any time and increase the total time for the expiration of your credits!