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What Is A Credit And How Do Credits Work?

One credit equals one record. So if your list has 2500 records, or 2500 rows of data, then that means you need 2500 credits. After you login, you can purchase credits.

And if each of your contact records has multiple fields of data — for example, you collect each person’s email address, mailing address, name, and other data — you only need one credit for each contact record, regardless of the number of data fields you collect. So if you only have a name for a contact, it “costs” you the same to process that record as if you have the name, email, and mailing address. So the more data you process, the bigger bang for your buck!

Each credit will allow you to format the name of the record, check if the email will bounce, and format and polish the mailing address. If you only have a name for the record, that’s OK and we will only clean and process the name. But if you have also an email address, then we can check if the email will bounce. The more data you provide, the greater return on your investment you will receive!