The 24/7 Data Quality Solution for Any CRM

20% of the Average CRM Goes Stale Each Year

Clean data is crucial for business success

You Get These Features With Transformania:

  • Fetch! 24/7 Data Updates
  • DearMe™ Embedded Nickname Extracting
  • DearMe™ Name Salutation Creating
  • DearMe™ Email Nickname Extracting
  • Name Cleaning
  • Name Splitting
  • Bad Data Flagging
  • Naughty Word/Name Flagging
  • SmartyCaps™ Case Name Converting
  • Last Name, First Name Syntax Correcting
  • Prefix Extracting
  • Suffix Extracting
  • Experience Cleaned, Personalized and Constantly Updated Data

    Unlock the power of Transformania's patent-pending process and technology!

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